Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine is a saying that's been around for a while.

Just recently I heard a statistic, not sure of the source, that was surprising.
Adults laugh on average 15 times a day.
Children laugh 400 times a day!

Have you laughed today?


Stephen Hopson said...


Laugher is DEFINITELY best medicine. I once heard an inspirational story where a woman, dying (or diagnosed can't remember which)of cancer laughed her way to recovery. She refused to watch the news or any other negative TV show.

Instead she watched heartwarming and funny movies. Brought in a lot of flowers and candles to make her home more peaceful.

In the end she beat the disease, whatever it was. Very inspiring. :)

Joan said...


It's amazing what can have an impact on healing.

I like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside with flowers. They add a freshness that enhances the air and a peace. And I agree with the turning off of the negative and watching positive movies!

People are so complex and we know so much and yet so little about how everything is connected. It is very intriguing!