Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Wonders of the Eco-friendly...Cork!

Today, I thought about cork. It’s the bark of the cork oak tree, and there's some pretty neat stuff it can do.

Cork is harvested every nine years, with harvesters only taking one-third of the bark off a tree. The tree is fine because the amount that the harvesters take grows back.

This lightweight and water resistant natural material can be used for things like flooring, bottle corks, laptop carriers, umbrellas, and rocket science (where fire resistance is required)! You can also use cork for building bricks. Portugal even made a stamp out of cork!

So next time you think about redoing your floors, or building a rocket, think cork! But, remember to use ‘green’ glue. You'll want your rocket to hold together, and have low carbon footprint.

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