Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Music and The Soul's Health

Have you ever used music to improve your mood, or to relax? Music can energize, soothe, and help with creativity. Whether it's a basic beat or a complex symphony, music has been part of humanity since time immemorial.

From a full range of Classical, to Classic Rock, and from Folk, Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Swing, and the ancient forms barely remembered, there's music to express everyone's cultural heritage and personality. Even, (dare we mention it)..., the Chicken Dance, if it suits your fancy!

Here is a blog on music. It's just starting out, but what it has is great: Forever Great: Music


“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge,
it is inspiring change.

Learning is more than absorbing facts,
it is acquiring understanding.”

~~William Arthur Ward

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