Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eco-Friendly & Conflict Free Jewelry

An independent television station in the San Francisco Bay Area did a segment on a company that I’d written about before. The Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company that is eco-friendly and conflict free.

The Brilliant Earth ‘verifies that their diamonds and other gemstones are ethically mined, cut, and polished, and that they have been produced without worker exploitation and with minimal environmental impact. …diamonds have a clean origin...'.


Jeanne Lee said...

Good Job on the Site Joan ! I love your cards and activism !
Best wishes ,

Jeanne Lee

Joan said...


I'm so glad that you like the site! Thanks for commenting!


Meghan said...

Brilliant Earth is doing good work. C5 company is another sustainable fine jewelry company that provides alternatives to traditionally mined jewelry. Our jewelry is made from recycled metal and either lab-created or ethically sourced gems. We are currently specializing in unique, custom designs that truly reflect the personality and values of our clients.

Check out for more about us.

Joan said...

Hi Meghan,

Thanks for stopping by to let us know about C5!