Monday, October 1, 2007

FDA Suggests Toddlers Don’t Use Cold Medication

What Do You Do Now?

The movie Sicko came out and exposed what people already knew. The healthcare system is troubled. Sicko gave a voice to individuals dealing with difficulties. What does it take for medicine to change? What can you do until it does?

The FDA released a 356 page document as part of a broad and ongoing FDA examination of approximately 800 medicines. The goal is to see if the medications for children are effective for treating colds and coughs. The immediate call for action is ‘don’t give toddlers a multi-symptom cold medication’.

So what do parents do? Preventative care is a good place to start. Preemptive measures make it possible for the body to fight off so many ‘bugs’. But it’s not just the viruses and bacteria.

Of course there are also the common sense steps to take in order to keep things germ free. But a word of caution, it has been learned that keeping all dirt away from children keeps them from developing immunity at a young age.

By providing the body with quality nutrients through food, water, and air, and enjoying exercise you provide your body optimum care. If you want the body to ‘run’ well then you must strive for a good balance in all areas of life.

If you mainly eat junk food, what does you body have to build upon? It will get what it can from the food, but what kind of structure is built? After all, your body rebuilds itself once every seven years. You could look at it this way, that if you want to save money on health care costs, then invest in quality food. The same goes with water and air. All stress and systems within your body just can’t maintain a high pace. It’s like driving a car at a high speed, for a long time and not maintaining it. Something is going to give. There are lots of medications out there for many different conditions. But what good does it do if the system is out of whack?

As for the children’s cold medicine situation, Dr. Joshus Sharfstein, the Baltimore Health Commissioner said, “It does not make sense, in the absence of information, to say ‘consult a physician’, because they do not have superhuman powers. They cannot make a product safe or effective.” Sicko is about taking action. What action will you take?

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